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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So, has the world ended yet?

I can't wait for the day when this no longer makes headlines.
Uttering the two simple words "I do," dozens of same-sex couples were wed in the Bay Area on Monday evening as California became the second state in the nation to grant marriage rights to gay men and lesbians.

County clerks braced for an even bigger rush of couples who will tie the knot today when all 58 counties in the state begin issuing marriage licenses that no longer designate "bride" and "groom" but instead "party A" and "party B."

A crowd gathered Monday evening at the Sonoma County clerk's office in Santa Rosa, including 19 same-sex couples who had made appointments to marry. The crowd counted down the last seconds to 5:01 p.m., when the state Supreme Court's decision allowing the marriages took effect.

Mark Gren and Chris Lechman of Guerneville were the first couple to apply for a marriage license and wed.

"Now, by the power vested in me and in accordance with the laws of the state of California, it is my pleasure and honor to pronounce you married," Sonoma County Clerk Janice Atkinson told the couple.



  • Well, the world hasn't ended, but as of 8:01pm EDT, yesterday, I've had an irresistible urge to marry an eastern box turtle, write with my left hand, eat the still beating heart of a newborn baby and float a couple of feet above my bed while seeing how far I can turn my head to the left (it just keeps going around -- it's so cool).

    By Blogger Dan S., at 11:17 AM  

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