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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Earlier this week, i was back at the beaver lodge, being interviewed about how it could be a much more valued resource as parkland for the community. We were talking briefly about the grease trap issue that i highlighted here about 6 months ago. This time around, we noticed a large stain where hydraulic fluid has been leaking from a large trash compactor in the back of Compare Foods. After the interview was over, i let the folks at ECWA know about this latest development, and i'm pleased to report that, by Friday afternoon, Durham's Stormwater Services had already taken action.
Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention. Our staff conducted an investigation this morning and observed a hydraulic fluid discharge on the pavement behind the Compare Foods building located at 2000 Avondale Drive. As you stated below, the discharge originated from the trash compactor belonging to Compare Foods. Our staff also observed an oil sheen on the water surface inside the nearby storm drain and at the head of the wetland.

I have notified the property owner and business owner of the violation and required corrective actions that will need to commence immediately. Corrective actions will include at least the following:

* Clean up and proper disposal of the discharged product (on the pavement, storm drainage system, and wetland)
* Reporting of discharge to NC DENR DWQ Raleigh regional office within 24 hours of our notification
* Obtaining a spill clean up kit
* Repair of trash compactor
* Daily inspection of trash compactor area and immediate clean up of spills should they occur.

A contractor has already been hired to perform the clean-up and is expected to commence work this afternoon. We will continue to monitor this location until the clean-up is complete and the issue is resolved. Our staff will be sending a notice of violation letter to the business and property owners and will likely issue a civil penalty to one or both parties due to the prior history of discharges from this location.

Thank you to Bill Hailey and John Cox of the city's Stormwater Services Division for outstanding service.

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