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Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 Bull Durham Blues Festival

Pre-sale tickets are on sale for this week only at a discounted price for the 2008 Bull Durham Blues Festival. This year's festival has been moved back a bit on the calendar to the weekend of September 18-20, and over to the DBAP from its traditional venue at the old ballpark. I'm assuming that the renovations to the DAP forced the move, and length of the Bulls' season forced the change in dates.

Anyway, the last week in June is traditionally the week that those in the know order their tickets at a discounted price. Tickets are supposed to be 2 for $50 this week. But i can't make heads or tails of the eTix site. I think they're selling them at that price online (2 same day admissions, or one admission for both nights, for $50.) You can always call the Hayti Heritage Center at 683-1709 to confirm. You used to be able to buy your tickets directly from Hayti over the phone, anyway. That way you can save on eTix' absurd service charge and buy an extra plate of ribbon fries at the show.

Friday night's headliners are Marcia Ball and Clarence Carter; on Saturday the 20th, catch Denise LaSalle and Taj Mahal.



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