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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

City manager offered position - in Wichita

The N&O is reporting that Wichita has hired is offering Durham city manager candidate Pat Salerno that position. Wichita acted so quickly, Matt Dees writes, "because they were worried Salerno would be snatched up by another city."

Durham, meanwhile, still appears to be deciding whether or not the three candidates who appeared in public last month, including Salerno and George Kolb, who Salerno is effectively replacing in Wichita, are the best people for the job here. Bill Bell has hinted that the final choice may not even come from the pool of candidates brought forth by the consultant the city hired to conduct the search for a new manager.

No word on whether Durham will be receiving a discount on future high level appointment searches.

UPDATE: Matt has corrected his story to reflect that Wichita has offered the city manager position to finalist Patrick Salerno, bu tthat no agreement has yet been reached. I've changed my headline and lede to reflect that.

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