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Monday, November 12, 2007

Election question

Now that the municipal elections are over, i'm curious, how many of you are paying attention to the 2008 balloting?

North Carolinians figure to have competitive races for Governor, Senator, and a number of House seats, plus the General Assembly in Raleigh.

Oh, yeah, there's some folks running for President too.

Are you tuned in yet? Why, or why not? When do you start paying attention?



  • I have waited until after Nov elections of this year to start paying attention to the '08 election. I might even wait until February.

    I am still unsure why we need so many candidate stump speaches called debates by the television media . I'm unlikely to watch the "debates" because the "debates" have been run into the ground. The "debates" offer nothing to evaluate the candidates qualifications.

    Is anyone getting thing out of watching these "debates"

    I cannot stomach the questions or how the candidates spin the topics.


    By Blogger nicky in durham, at 3:26 PM  

  • I've been tuned in for a while now, and now that the local elections are out of the way, I hope more people start paying more attention to the candidates running for various offices, especially president. I'm already sporting a button and bumper sticker for my candidate of choice, and I'm running a series of races this fall/winter wearing a t-shirt supporting my candidate. If you're like me, you don't truly live but once every four years.

    By Anonymous JDC, at 9:08 PM  

  • not paying as much attention to local elections as i ought to be, but i've been following the presidential candidates with glee.

    it's gonna be a hell of a show. betting that voter turn-outs next november are going to skyrocket like we've never seen.

    By Blogger libby, at 12:00 AM  

  • I'm keeping tabs, but waiting to invest more time as the candidates and issues become more organized. Focused.

    Right now, at least nationally, it's appears the candidates are about media positioning. Creating buzz and brand awareness. A little propaganda building too.

    But now that the local elections are over, I can start looking at the state and nationals.

    I figure 2nd quarter 2008 will be the start of scorecard time for me.

    By Anonymous D.E.Visitor, at 1:36 AM  

  • March. At the earliest.

    By Anonymous cd, at 8:07 AM  

  • Not only am I already tuned in, but I'm already disgusted enough to want to tune out.

    (Thanks to the ever-maddening primary season calendar, the weak-stomached NC Democratic party, the absence of any progress on national issues by our our representatives in the Congress and the growing apathy towards those who use the Bill of Rights as a kleenex. Not to mention that my Award Winning® candidate of choice has all but announced his choice not to be a candidate.)

    By Blogger Dan S., at 10:08 AM  

  • I've been paying attention to the national circus and am disgusted by how the media tries to force one or two candidates upon us so early, when other polling indicates that those supposedly top-tier candidates are not the choice of the grassroots voter. The candidate(s) who appeal to most of us progressives are written off or ridiculed as unelectable, when they are the ones who are actually standing up for what we believe in.

    Even the Republicans are trying to decide "who can beat Hillary" instead of who they want to represent their party.

    The statewide races are already proving interesting, with early mud-slinging in the gubernatorial race. And a wide field of well-qualified candidates will make the lieutenant governor's race one to watch, as well.

    And what are we going to do about Liddy Dole? Do either of the two declared Democratic candidates have what it takes to knock her out of her seat? We'll have to wait and see.

    It's going to be a wild ride in 2008. Catch your breath now, because we will have a lot of work to do.

    By Anonymous VoteDemocratic, at 10:44 AM  

  • I'm paying attention to one 08 race NOW, because it will essentially take place in May during the primary since we're so heavily democratic here -- and that's the state house race for the seat Floyd McKissick greased his way into while chair of the local party, thanks to his and Lavonia Allison's stacking of the Dem Party precinct chair's roster.He won by a handful of votes at the special election and has been running for re-election since.

    He's now calling a meeting of his campaign team to gear up -- and there aren't too many people who want to put up with the bullshit of fighting the Durham Committee on this one. So we'll probably end up with an ethically challenged African-American male in that seat for the next twenty years and Durham will have lost a chance to finally get a woman over there again. That will make three black men and two white men representing a town that is home to dozens of incredible black and white women -- I hope to god one of them steps forward to at least try and make a run at that seat. Or any of the other open state house seats for that matter.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:41 PM  

  • Gosh, dan s., I think I love you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:42 PM  

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