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Friday, November 09, 2007

Fun new toys

From my daughter, a site that generates poems based on google search terms.

Here's some couplets based on a search for Dependable Erection:

- public internet sites with
sexual safe and dependable delivery of manhealth

- Dependable Erection - 1 day
There is no quicker, more dependable or safer way

day ago. The N&O is reporting that the latest
- Our field erection crews utilize the latest

Daily Kos Dependable Erection Dependable Renegade
the latest construction techniques to provide

that, in our town, erection can be depended
manhealth tabs to your home. - ED is identified

the Net Now · Visit NCBlogs. Durham and
seconds) Since erection meds is able to be found

clicking on "search" Dependable Erection . Bull
maleshealth medications is effective as well

City Council candidates · Save the Net Now
a healthy erection . - How

Erection . Bull City Bloggers Questionnaire
improvement of erection quality for many . were

English pages for . ( 0.07 seconds) Tip: Save
- ED is identified as the inability to achieve

soundly, secure in the knowledge that, in our
and dependable delivery of manhealth tabs to your



  • Looks like line 7 is from my blogroll. :)

    By Blogger Lenore, at 8:58 PM  

  • Wow, the one for "Bill Bell" is almost lyrical:

    "Bill Bell"

    Compiled 11/10/2007 4:48:42 AM GMT

    Jazz Connection and The Oakland Bay
    whose love of a good story was matched
    � William C. ( Bill) Bell has been appointed
    1996 by artist Bill Bell :: Gateway

    Wednesday, Mayor Bill Bell on Saturday
    - Limited
    (I didn't.) If the article he offered
    - Foreplay

    . ( 0.17 seconds) Tip: Save time by hitting
    Bill Bell is a New Jersey native and
    " Bill Bell is one of the true

    appointed director of Naval Marketing
    Sports Bar Print by Bill Bell - Find
    6 2007 Google - - - -"Bill

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:10 PM  

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