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Thursday, November 01, 2007

East End Connector pushed back another two years

The N&O is reporting that the latest Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) from the NCDOT has pushed the anticipated start date for construction of the long planned for East End Connector back to 2014. The TIP does not indicate how much additional money the delay is expected to add to the cost of the project.

My guess? $50 million, at least, bringing the cost well above $200 million.

Meanwhile, projects in Wake and Orange counties are being accelerated.

And I-40 is being widened yet again, ostensibly to reduce congestion.

Surely i cannot be the only one to have noticed that no matter how wide I-40 gets, there's no difference in the amount of congestion? That's because the problem is development patterns, land use, and lack of transportation alternatives, not a lack of lanes.

I guess the remaining question now is, will we be satisfied when we turn the Triangle into Atlanta, or will we go for the whole enchilada and aim to emulate Los Angeles?

UPDATE: Download a copy of the TIP here. And read more about NCDOT's structural deficiencies here.

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  • NCDOT is trying to open the EEC in 2059, at the centennial of its conception.

    Who knows? If they didn't have to pave I-40 twice, they might be on schedule.

    By Anonymous Steve Bocckino, at 1:35 PM  

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