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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Barry Saunders in today's Durham News, on the election of Floyd McKissick, Jr., to replace the late Jeanne Lucas in the NC Senate:

. . . Durham-lovers have one more reason to cringe when admitting they're from Durham, and Durham-bashers have one more reason to laugh till their sides ache.

McKissick, chairman of the county party, said previously that he chose to run because of popular demand.

In an interview prior to his victory over several women he said, "The reason I got in was, I had public officials calling me, encouraging me to consider filling the vacancy."

After Lucas' death, I can imagine party leaders gathered around the table going "Gee, we need to replace our respected, genial legislator with a lawyer who has been reprimanded by the bar, a city councilman who tried to stick up a developer for personal gain and a husband who was arrested for ignoring a restraining order taken out by his estranged wife. Where oh where can we find all of that in one person?"

Today's not only an incredible day for working in the garden, but also a brewing day for me. So blogging is low on my priority totem pole.

Comments on this, and other controversial topics, later on this weekend.

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