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Sunday, April 15, 2007

And now it's time to play, "I bet your life"

Vice-president Dick "Biggus Dickus" Cheney went on "Face the Nation" earlier today. Speaking about President Bush's threat to veto legislation approved by the Congress providing about $100 billion for the next 12 months of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and tying that money to separate timetables for withdrawing US troops from Iraq, Cheney predicted that Democrats in Congress will bow down to Bush's plan to keep US forces in Iraq basically forever.

"They will not leave the troops in the field without the resources they need," Cheney said of the Democrats.

Asked what would happen if they don't back down, Cheney said: "I'm willing to bet the other way — that, in fact, they will."

Here's the chips that Cheney's pushing around the table:

BAGHDAD, April 15 — At least 34 people were killed in Baghdad on Sunday in another day punctuated by car bombings and suicide attacks on civilian targets of the kind that the two-month-old American security crackdown has so far been unable to restrain.

All six bombs that caused fatalities were detonated in predominantly Shiite areas, which have been the persistent target of Sunni militant bombing attacks.

The day’s military casualties included the deaths of two British servicemen killed when two British Puma troop-carrying helicopters crashed northwest of Baghdad in a mission before dawn on Sunday. The United States military announced three new deaths on Sunday: two soldiers and a marine, killed in separate incidents.

Dick Cheney - doubling down with the lives of our soldiers, and tens of thousands of human beings.


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