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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Environmental subterfuge

I hinted below that i had a lot of things to say today, and, unlike most things that go up on the blog, i really wanted to think them through before i posted them.

Most have to do with the other shoe dropping in the Duke Lacrosse case. I wrote extensively about this last spring, and on re-reading, i stand behind everything i said back then. (Click on the March and April 2006 archives in the right hand column to find the posts.)

And i'll be coming back to the case later tonight after i finish up a round of neighborhood meetings.

Meantime, i wanted to call your attention to this excellent expose by gregflynn over at BlueNC. Seems our friends at the John Locke Foundation have set up a website called, at which they're going to republish some of the shadier, corporate sponsored so-called "environmental research" that Exxon-Mobil's money can buy.

But for the irony-deficient, here's the best part. Despite making claims that "If North Carolina is going to address properly its environmental concerns, there needs to be an honest and open discourse on the issues. That is where Environment NC comes in", the website doesn't list its affiliations with the JLF, links mostly to right-wing front groups (its links to "left-of-center" groups has to be seen to be disbelieved), and doesn't allow for its readers to comment or challenge the propaganda it puts out.

Good catch, gregflynn.


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