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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why i love Durham, part 5

more specifically, why i love my neighborhood. how can you not love a place where people send out emails to their neighbors like this?:

Hello Neighbors

This will be my first Spring in Duke Park and i am eager to plant a vegetable garden and some flowers. The good news is that i have energy and desire (and a pretty good book). The bad news is that i am totally clueless as to what to do and how etc! And i have no tools and can't really afford to go out and buy them all. I am hoping that there's someone out there who is a whiz in the garden and would be willing to
share some knowledge with me to get me off to a good start. I have eight nice rose bushes that I could trade you for your expertize, loan of tiller/tools etc. I can also bake some mean cookies!

If anyone is interested, please drop me an email off the list.

there aren't many things in the world for which charming is the right word, but this is one.

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