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Saturday, January 06, 2007

FA Cup 2007

I posted a bit last year about the FA Cup, the English soccer equivalent of the Super Bowl. Only it's not quite the same, since the FA Cup competition is open to every soccer team in England. Teams playing at the two highest levels of English soccer, the Premiership and the Championship, get byes through to the third round, but at that time, they get put in the hat and can get drawn to play against anyone.

for instance, Liverpool and Arsenal, currently third and fourth in the Premiership, were drawn against each other in the third round, so only one of them will advance.

But this story is actually about great soccer names.

Right now, 1st division Nottingham Forest (once a premiership team) is playing premiership Charlton Athletic (who will not be a premiership team after this season. English soccer has promotion and relegation, and if your team sucks, the get kicked down a division for the next season, but that's another story).

And Nottingham Forest just scored two quick goals to take a 2-0 lead.

Their first goal was scored by Junior Agogo, who i think edges out Steed Malbranque for best name in English soccer.

Look for an all-name FA Cup squad sometime in February.


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