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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Words fail

Read this:
In this rural section of Tennessee, Gene Cranick’s home caught on fire. As the Cranicks fled their home, their neighbors alerted the county’s firefighters, who soon arrived at the scene. Yet when the firefighters arrived, they refused to put out the fire, saying that the family failed to pay the annual subscription fee to the fire department. Because the county’s fire services for rural residences is based on household subscription fees, the firefighters, fully equipped to help the Cranicks, stood by and watched as the home burned to the ground:

Now, you can bloviate all you want about conservative values and the Founding Fathers. But i'm pretty sure it was Ben Franklin who put the notion of universal firefighting into action, at a time when most communities had exactly this kind of subscription based firefighting services.

I've joked at times that the current crop of conservatives want to take us back to he 50s, the 1850s that is. The reality is they'd be happy with the 1650s.

For those of you wondering, it appears that no people were injured in this incident, just pets.

Which doesn't make me feel better at all.



  • I feel bad about the pets. And just slapping my forehead about the rest, since I'm burned out by these stories. Miraculously, Tennessee actually has two of the saner conservatives in the Senate. Alexander and Corker are just lucky they weren't up to be primaried in 2010.

    By Blogger toastie, at 3:07 PM  

  • What was it that Huckabee wrote, "You can't buy insurance after you house burns down?"

    They decided not to pay the $75 insurance premium hoping they would never need fire protection. These knuckleheads gambled and lost. I'd issue them a summons for cruelty to animals.

    By Blogger Tar Heelz, at 12:22 PM  

  • Nice house you got here.

    It would be a shame if anything were to happen to it, know what i'm sayin'?

    By Blogger Barry, at 1:10 PM  

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