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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why the fuck not?

Reader rh sends along the following news item:
Not so sure how the writer would have regarded this one, but efforts to create a Charles Bukowski postage stamp don't appear to be doing well. Arguably L.A.'s most famous writer, Bukowski worked for the postal service until he was 49, and hated every second of it. Using some of the more delicate wording this Fishie has seen in quite some time, petitioners to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee call Bukowski's first novel "Post Office," "a wry portrait of the inner workings of the service" -- which is a bit like saying "All the President's Men" is a dry, clinical analysis of the inner workings of Nixon's White House.

Yeah, Bukowski would have likely bitched and moaned about being on a stamp. So what?

Go sign the petition.



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