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Friday, October 16, 2009

Americans for Prosperity

You may recall that last year, in the run-up to the vote on a prepared meals tax for Durham, revenues raised by which would have been used to fund art and cultural activities, the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People found an ally in the North Carolina chapter of Americans For Prosperity in opposing the tax. I thought it was somewhat of a strange pairing, but hadn't realized that Art Pope was one of the players in AfP. I fully expect that next year, when the city of Durham starts contemplating a new sales tax to raise revenues for a regional transit system, that we'll see more of the same from DCABP and NCAFP. Would love to be proven wrong on this, though.

So here's a video of Rachel Maddow and national AFP president Tim Phillips, for your enlightenment. Pretty amazing that a local group headed by member of the North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Committee can find a way to make common cause with this group.

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