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Friday, August 21, 2009

That was then, this is now - updated

A few days ago i asked Durham PD spokesperson Kammie Michael to talk about the apparent discrepancy between Chief Lopez' statements about small signs in traffic circles being likely to lead to driver distraction and increase the chances of an accident, while large electronic billboards on our freeways, in his "professional opinion," would not distract drivers.

She replied that she had forwarded my question, and several others, to the Chief for his response. Here's the full list of questions, by the way:
1 - is the information about the PACE Car program accurate? did it have 1500 participants? i can't recall the last time i heard Eric Hester talk about it at
a PAC meeting.

2 - can the group legally raise money for you to re-implement the program? how much money was budgeted for PACE Car the last year it was operational?

3 - can you tell me the statute under which you think "By law, if a motorist reasonably believed that his or her property might be damaged, the person who posted these signs could be subject to criminal charges."? i've emailed the group, and they say their legal advice dismisses this possibility.

4 - Chief Lopez was recently quoted as saying that in his "professional opinion," electronic billboards on the highways would not be a distraction. Can you reconcile this with DPD's statement yesterday that "We fear that these signs could be a distraction to even the most law-abiding motorists and possibly cause collisions."

I'm obviously too small potatoes for the Chief to respond too. Maybe one day i'll be a respectable source of information like Stanley Chambers.

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  • Barry--I hope you'll let us know if you get an answer from Lopez on the sign question. It is hard to figure--a raggedy little cardboard sign is distracting to drivers but a huge billboard flashing and blinking on our highways isn't?

    By Blogger Kelly, at 8:46 PM  

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