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Thursday, April 30, 2009


With all my bitching about irresponsible pet owners and the obvious frustrations attendant with the problems they cause to the community, especially during times of budget shortfalls, it's time to recognize groups that working to solve the problem.

AnimalKind offers the $20 fix. In their words,
Research indicates that 80% of pet overpopulation comes from as few as 3% of pet owners who can't afford the cost of spay/neuter surgery.

In direct response to this reality, AnimalKind launched THE $20 FIX Program, a targeted financial assistance program serving low-income pet owners. Over 6000 pets have already been spayed or neutered for a client copay of $20 or less, and hundreds more have been approved for surgeries.

OK, i just sent them $50. I don't think i've ever done this before, but i'm going to ask my readers to join me in contributing to this cause. Just click here to donate. Want more info? Send an email to BethL AT animalkind DOT org.

And i thank you in advance.



  • Compare this to PETA - it's a better deal and more effective.

    Do your own research on PETA and you'll discover that PETA seems more interested in publicity than actually getting anything done for animals.

    For starters, google the phrase PETA+bogus or for some really eye-opening stuff google the phrase PETA+shelter. I won't go as far as to say PETA is an evil organization, but if you truly love animals and want to act locally, your time and money is better spent with organizations other than PETA.

    Just sayin'.

    By Blogger Tony, at 10:25 AM  

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