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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don't have much to add to this piece which discusses the discrepancies between the way Michael Phelps was treated after a photo of him with a bong surfaced recently, and the way Alex Rodriguez is being treated following his admission of steroid and other PED use this week.

This caught my eye, though:
Rodriguez may pay when he plays in rival cities like Boston, where the fans are sure to jeer him with relish.

"I think A-Rod's going to suffer a little bit in his performance because it's going to be on his mind wherever he goes," said Jason Teitler, senior vice president of Steiner Sports Marketing. "It might take him a while to get the forgiveness of fans even in New York."

Make that especially in New York, where the Yankees have won exactly bupkis since A-rod's arrival in 2004. He may have the best stats of any player in the game, but there's no doubt he doesn't do much to make his team better. Scott Brosius doesn't have A-Rod's stats by a long stretch, but the Yankees sure went to World Series a lot when he was playing third base, didn't they?



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