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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

22 degrees

That was the overnight low. No shelter, no water, 5 foot chain?

Animal Control Department can't seem to find the problem here.

Here's a clue:
Sec. 4-62. General care; prohibited acts.
(5) Animal abuse. Examples of animal abuse include, but are not limited to the following:
c. Allowing a dog or cat to be left outside in inclement weather or extreme temperatures without adequate shelter.

(6) Tethering of a dog except under the following circumstances:
Tethers must be made of rope, twine, cord, or similar material with a swivel on one end or must be made of a chain that is at least ten feet in length with swivels on both ends and which does not exceed ten percent of the dog's body weight. All collars or harnesses used for the purpose of tethering a dog must be made of nylon or leather.

Eight years, 7 tenants, 10 dogs, no doghouses, zero citations.

Can i get my tax money back from the county?



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