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Monday, January 19, 2009

Travel weirdness

From our home base in Manassas, we've tried to get into DC the past two days. Absolutely no desire to take a car into the city, and we've got our reserved seat train tickets for tomorrow. But we wanted to scope the scene out prior and catch the concert on Sunday.

Sunday, the VRE commuter line from Manassas to DC doesn't run, which we only found out at the station, and by the time we could have gotten to a Metro station, it would have been after 3 pm anyway. Great to see Pete Seeger make it to the inauguration, even if he didn't get to sing "We Shall Overcome." But would have been better in person. Today, we tried to take the Metro from Vienna to DC, but there was a nearly two hour wait to purchase a pass, which just didn't seem worth it. So we hiked the battlefield at Bull Run and reflected on Stonewall Jackson and Rickett's artillery.

Seemed fitting, somehow.



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