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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My new hero

Rosetta Radtke, of Durham Parks and Rec.

A year and a half ago, i wrote about the sucky job the city had done after taking over the trail left by NCDOT on the former Brookline St., just south of the widened I-85.

From an email received today:
An onsite meeting was held with a TRTC representative about their having a workday or workdays on the trail and installing a two rail split rail fence (to coordinate with the one in the Park) between the trail and ditch on the Acadia end and also along the turn around at the end of Glendale where vehicles are reportedly getting through to the trail. TRTC will do this and will also install recently-received signage I had ordered on both ends of the trail which will be signed as minor entrances. They will also install 6 x 6 wooden bollards with reflectors and appropriate signage to replace the jersey barriers. DPR will provide materials and supplies.

The jersey barrier that had been moved aside should have been moved back into position. The barriers will stay in place until our workday when they will be replaced with the more attractive bollards. We will auger holes in the asphalt for the bollards to be installed.

Another onsite meeting with City Traffic Engineering staff and the Project Manager for the NCDOT project, resulted in , City staff will stripe a bike lane from the trail along Washington between Trinity and Club; will stripe a pedestrian crossing from the trail across Washington; and create a handicap accessible wheelchair ramp on the other side of Washington. Also, City staff will have the culverts left from I85 construction removed and have the nonfunctional street light that was left along the trail removed as well.

I hope this addresses neighborhood concerns and questions about the trail and hope these improvements will enhance people’s use and enjoyment of Duke Park Trail! I would like to thank folks for their interest and input and would welcome additional information or input as we move forward with these plans.

We haven’t picked a date for the trail workday yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as we do. It would be great if the neighborhood would like to come out and participate.

People are always welcome to call or e-mail me with trail concerns

Rosetta Radtke, Parks and Recreation 560-4355 ex. 258

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