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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Waiting for the bus, Hillsborough Rd.

Felecia doesn't own a car or drive, so she's got no choice but to sit on an overturned shopping cart in a pile of trash waiting for her bus.

Really, as long as DATA treats its customers like shit, what kind of support can they garner in the community?

UPDATE: For those, ummm, "readers" who need some handholding to interpret visual information, there isn't a fucking trash can anywhere within a hundred yards or so of this particular bus stop. Given the proximity to Hillsborough Road's remarkable variety of fast food restaurants, and DATA's occasionally enforced policy of no food and drink on the buses, where else would you expect the trash to end up?

And, as Mrs D has remarked on more than one occasion, Durh m is the only place we've ever lived where picking up other people's trash is such a regular part of our social calendar. Do you really expect a bus rider, on the way to or from work, to pick up other people's trash and put it in their pockets for the ride home?

Put a fucking garbage can, a bench, and maybe even a shelter there. Most of the time, if you treat people with respect, they respond respectfully. Treat us like shit, we react that way.



  • That picture evokes an angry reaction from me in another way. I am angry at the DATA rider or riders would use their energy to push shopping carts, all across this city, great distances from the stores where they belong. I think people doing this should be arrested for polluting our streets.

    By Blogger cj, at 12:08 AM  

  • This kind of post is exactly the kind of reporting that we need. Most bus "stops" are nothing more than a place on the side of the road. A city's mass transit system is the best indication of that city's true character.

    By Blogger pauldude, at 12:15 PM  

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