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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Big news from England

Seems they'll be unveiling the new Doctor Who today. If i could only figure out what time they show it here.

UPDATE: And it's some bloke named Matt Smith. But which one?

This one. So now you know too.



  • tonight at 11pm on PBS

    it generally always comes on just when you're deciding whether to call it a night or

    By Blogger Vera, at 2:03 PM  

  • On WUNC PBS? really?

    i stumble across it sometimes on BBC America or on Sci-Fi once in a while. I can't tell who is showing the more current episodes, though.

    Now that i've almost completed the Twilight Zone box set (just lacking season 4), maybe i'll start in collecting the Dr. Who DVDs.

    By Blogger Barry, at 2:21 PM  

  • yup...WUNC. We dont have cable, so we live on PBS and Netflix

    well, you wont see the brand new ones for a little bit probably...right now they're showing last season.

    Sean swears by Tom Baker as Doctor Who, but he always gives the new guy a try...

    By Blogger Vera, at 8:46 PM  

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