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Monday, November 03, 2008

Political ads

In addition to the truly repulsive ad from Liddy discussed below, there's a few other observations to be made about the ads that i've seen this past 72 hours.

* - Nobody is a Democrat or Republican. Except for the handful of ads in the Congressional races that were paid for by the various party committees, the words Democrat or Republican are simply not a part of this advertising cycle. And even those ads only mention Democrats or Republicans in the small print and the rapidly spoken disclaimer at the end mentioning who paid for the ad and who is responsible for its content. I'm a little surprised by this. I thought Democrats were rebuilding their brand?

* - Pat McCrory in the Governor's race is the only Republican candidate i've seen run any positive ads. Every single ad i've seen from Liddy Dole, Bob Pittenger (Lt. Governor), or Robin Hayes (8th congressional) has been an attack ad. John McCain had a few positive ads in the beginning of the cycle. I didn't see any of them this weekend.

* - The DSCC's ads on behalf of Kay Hagan seemed to have worked. I thought the ads, which i call the Bartles and Jaymes campaign, sucked. What do i know?

* - The Republican "blank check for liberals" ad is truly hysterical, in all senses of the word. Vote for Liddy. She's the last bulwark against a 60 seat Democratic majority in the Senate. Oh, my.

* - Who is left to be persuaded by campaign ads? According to these guys, early voting in North Carolina had already reached 72.5% of the total turnout in the 2004 race at 5am on Saturday. (2.57 million 2008 early votes vs 3.55 million total votes in 2004). And turnout was reported heavy on Saturday.



  • The "Bartles and Jaymes" commercials were brought up in my class of high school juniors and seniors last week which really surprised me -- to that point they had only been interested in the presidential race. The "jobs to China" ad especially got their attention and a very good political and economic discussion ensued.

    By Blogger Steve, at 4:51 PM  

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