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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Los Catrachos

With my oldest daughter spending a couple of years in Honduras, i find that i'm paying slightly more attention to CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers than in other years. Anyway, Honduras goes into tonight's game against Mexico with a very good chance of qualifying for the final tournament to select the 3 (or maybe 4) teams from the Federation that will participate in the 2010 World Cup. Explaining how teams qualify for the various tournaments is difficult. See this if you really want to know how it happens.

Anyway, if all the stars align right, i might very well find myself in San Pedro Sula next spring watching a Honduran World Cup Qualifier, maybe against the US or El Salvador. Honduras has only made one appearance in the World Cup final proper, back in 1982. Maybe this will be the return engagement.

Come on, Los Catrachos!

UPDATE: Honduras 1:0 Mexico

Both Honduras and Mexico advance to the next round of qualifying. The draw is Saturday. Other teams in the mix are El Salvador, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, and the US.



  • Ever thought of retiring down there? I ask because I have, though I would be more likely to settle in Panama or El Salvador (where some friends live).

    I have this theory that just as Spain became the retirement oasis for the British after their empire faded, so too goes the US & Central America. The dollar is still strong, they enjoy the protection of the military-industrial complex (such as it is), and they're in the same time zone so you can still keep up with your friends when they're discussing last night's "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher".

    That's about as far as I've gotten with my theory, but it's a serious question. You don't have to answer it if it's too personal.

    By Blogger KeepDurhamDifferent!, at 5:22 PM  

  • The thought has crossed my mind. However, given the inability of my employer to develop a menu of investment options for my 401K (which is still my main retirement vehicle, and further, is all i'm ever going to say here about my employer), my retirement horizon has retreated rather significantly over the past 6 months.

    so i don't think i'll be making any decisions about where to spend my golden years any time soon.

    By Blogger Barry, at 6:17 PM  

  • Honduras is currently ranked 46 (US is 24). I missed two opportunities to see Honduras play in June. The first night I was in San Pedro Sula (having just attempted to send you a multimedia message from a pizza bar). It was raining like all hell, so I watched in my hotel lobby instead of eight blocks away. I can't remember who they played, but they won something like 4-2 and were very happy. A few nights later I missed seeing them play in La Ceiba, since I was across the water on Utila (and too lazy/cheap/occupied to pay ~$50 for roundtrip ferry and a night's stay in La Ceiba which I'd just left).

    BTW, I wrote a business blog about country size relative to soccer rankings. It's over here:

    By Blogger Marsosudiro, at 9:52 PM  

  • What does 'los catrachos' mean?

    By Blogger JMaxwell, at 3:44 PM  

  • A nickname for Hondurans derived from the name of a General who defeated one of Walker's invasions back in the 1840s. More here.

    By Blogger Barry, at 7:47 PM  

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