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Monday, February 11, 2008

Miscellaneous TV observations

Mrs. D's mom was over for dinner last night, and that generally means that the final few holes of the golf tournament of the week are on the TV. I generally don't watch a lot of golf, but when it's on it's not hard to notice that the networks are selling a very specific demographic to their advertisers. And as someone who's on the fringes, if not near the center, of that demographic, yeah, i sometimes find that i'm noticing the commercials.

So, the first thought is that whoever approved the "Viva Viagra" campaign needs to be strapped in a chair, given large doses of caffeine intraveously, and made to watch the remake of The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan on an endless repeat cycle.

That's just wrong.

Of course, if there's an ED commercial, you know there's going to be a commercial for something to shrink that troublesome prostate. For this one, i only caught the tag line, not the product. But whichever product it was, they closed the ad by asking "After all, who doesn't want to spend less time in the bathroom?"

Ummm, Senator Larry Craig, (R-Idaho)?

They write themselves, i tell you.

Later, the youngest was watching the Grammy awards, hoping that Feist would take home a statuette or two. That didn't happen. At some point during the proceedings, though, i got my hands on the remote and took a spin to see what else was on.*

And lo, over on BBC America, were the BAFTA awards, aka the British Academy Awards. The contrast between the two awards shows couldn't have been starker. A full five minute tribute to a prop master for Lifetime Achievement, including clips from at least a dozen of the films he'd worked on (the Harry Potter films, Roger Rabbit, and more), and an acceptance speech from same over in London. In Hollywood, meanwhile, Robbie Robertson got about 10 seconds of screen time as Tom Hanks stumbled through the Lifetime Achievement award for The Band, arguably one of the 5 most important contributors to American rock and roll in the last 50 years.

That was just shameful.


*I read somewhere a theory that men are more interested in knowing "what else is on," rather than watching anything in particular. If some researcher were to pick me as their single random sample, i could probably confirm that hypothesis.



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