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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Family matters

When i made the decision to write this blog under my real name, a couple of other decisions followed naturally.

I don't blog about my employer, my supervisors or coworkers, my place of work, etc., other than in the most generic terms. (I work in Hillsborough; i drive past teh Seegar's Fence Company "Dependable Erection" sign every day.) That's all you need to know about my job.

Same with family. Because a fair number of people in town know me, and those who don't can figure out who i am, i don't talk about my family situation, except again in the most general terms. I've got a couple of daughters. They have their own lives.

I'm going to stretch that rule a little bit.

My eldest is graduating from college this weekend. Cum Laude. So the family is gathering in Durham preparing to head up to the mountains tomorrow to witness and celebrate this occasion.

Considering that it took me 16 years to actually acquire my degree (Stony Brook University, '89), that my daughter completed hers in 4 years is a source of great pride. She'll be spending some time in town this summer on the staff of a great metropolitan (weekly) newspaper, hopefully picking up a few bylines and insights into building a successful and satisfying career.

I've got one more post to make this morning before i head to the airport to pick up the last out of town relative. Then, i'll be away from the keyboard for most of the next 3 days.

Congratulations, Dora.


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