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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Uh, what's with the name (revisited)

The good folks at NC Blogs have finally accepted that i'm not a C1al1s spammer and agreed to add me to their list of Carolina bloggers.

Yay me.

So for those of you who may be following that link and arriving here for the first time, here's a reprint of the post that tells the dependable erection story.


So what's up with this dependable erection, anyway?

If you drive from Durham to Hillsborough, North Carolina, on US 70, as i do, every day on my commute, after you pass the Wayside Baptist Church at the fork where the bypass splits off from the business highway (look close for the Cemetery and Athletic Field sign, which used to be right on the highway but has now been moved a hundred yards away to the edge of the woods), a quarter mile down the road on the right is the Durham Division of the Seegar's Fence Company. You can find Seegar's fences all over Durham and Orange counties. They have lots of government and private contracts. Their green and white tags, once you start paying attention, are seen on chain link fences around storage depots and junk yards, parking lots and warehouses.

And, as they note demurely, they have been providing dependable erection since 1949.

Meditate on that for a moment, if you will. Over 55 years of dependable erection.

That is a record for Cal Ripken to envy. Dependable erection 5 days a week (6 during the boom years) for well over half a century.

Anybody who could boast of performance like that would be proud, and justifiably so.

As a goal, it's lofty. But it may yet be attainable by mere mortals. And so, inspired by the epic erectors of Seegar's Fence, Durham Division, this blog rises to meet the future, steadfast, argent, strong, and dependable, since 2005.


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