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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good citizens

Each year at this time, the Independent Weekly, the Triangle's journal for pop culture and progressive politics, honors a stellar handful of individuals and organizations who have helped make this such a great place to live.

This year's honorees
ably continue that tradition. It goes without saying that for many, if not most of us, the commitment to work and family severely curtails the amount of time and money we have available to give back to our community. And there's nothing wrong with that. Taking care of ourselves and our families has to be our main priority.

But this region is blessed with an extraordinary number of people who are both able and willing to make sacrifices in their personal lives for the benefit of the community.

Two of this year's Citizen Award winners live in Durham. I've had the opportunity to work with both Andrew Pearson and Lanya Shapiro. The Indy could hardly have chosen two more deserving people for this award.

I want to especially congratulate Lanya, who's work with Traction, the group she founded a couple of years ago after Howard Dean's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination went down screaming in a media-created flameout, has recently been recognized by a major grant. Traction's been able to accomplish some great things in a limited time on virtually no budget. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can now.

Congratulations to all of this years honorees, Margie Ellison, Lanya Shapiro & Traction, Chad Johnston, Andrew Pearson, and The Pesticide Education Project. You make us all proud. And thanks to the Independent for recognizing their work and highlighting it to the rest of the community.



  • Thanks so much, Barry, for your kind words and your support from the very start. You and Claire wrote yourselves into Traction's history books when you came to our very first fundraiser. Remember the modest Trinity Park houseparty in May 2005?

    I give you my solemn promise to continue to work my ass off to ensure a good return on your investment. (And anyone else's investment! We still need support for this matching grant!)

    Thanks again and much love, Lanya

    By Anonymous Lanya Shapiro, at 11:38 PM  

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