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Thursday, October 19, 2006

We get mail

From Congressman Jack Murtha

Dear Barry,

Do you believe that a veteran who dares to speak out against the Bush administration forfeits his or her right to be honored for service to America?

Of course not. But people who do are spending millions of dollars right now spreading lies and smears against veterans.

Help The Patriot Project expose and stop anti-veteran hate groups.

I've seen first hand the good work that The Patriot Project has done. When the so-called "Vets for the Truth" started attacking me, my record, and my right to speak the truth about the war in Iraq, The Patriot Project fought back. They exposed how "Vets for the Truth" had been set up and who was behind the funding of it. (Here's a hint: the group is really run by a man who describes himself as "good friends" with Karl Rove.)

When these scumbags organized a rally here in Pennsylvania, The Patriot Project went to work again.

They take on the people who think that, in a tough political spot, outright lying about a veteran's record is fair game.

Let's give The Patriot Project the help they need to give these characters a swift kick.

Help The Patriot Project expose and stop anti-veteran hate groups

The Patriot Project is a smart, determined initiative to expose and stop shadowy groups that pop up and callously disparage the records of veterans with outright lies.

They're up against people with big budgets and no principles. And their work has never been more important than it is right now. I urge you to take a stand against anti-veteran hate groups right now.

Let's go get 'em.

Jack Murtha

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