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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A busy day

Yesterday, was one of those remarkable days for me in Durham, all the more so for how casually everything unfolded.

The artist Georges Rousse has been in town building a few installations in some otherwise unused spaces. So we did the tour of his work, with, literally, a couple hundred or so other folks, from Durham and around the Triangle. If you don't know his work, Rousse builds these pieces that flatten space into two dimensions, but only when viewed from specific angles.

This is an art project that, quite literally, you can walk through and be a part of.

The Rousse website linked above has a lot more details about how the project unfolded in Durham, all the volunteers needed to put it togeter, and all that good stuff. Kudos to Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus for making this happen.

Then i took a break for a bit, and watched Aston Villa thump Charlton Athletic in the Premiership, 2-0. Picked my daughter up and we had some falafel and kabobs for a post-sunset dinner at Baba Ghannouj on Main St. on our way to see the Last Poets (yep, these guys), perform an exhilirating set at a pretty much packed Carolina Theater.

All in all, a day more packed with cultural influences than any i ever spent in New York.


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