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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bonus traffic circle blogging

In my neighborhood called Duke Park here in Durham, we've got a small traffic circle at the intersection of Glendale and Markham Avenues. We lobbied the city for a long time to get some sort of traffic calming measure installed there, and this seems to be doing the job.

It's also turned into a great space for public art, generally of the guerrilla kind. Few of the installations which have appeared there over the past year or so have been overtly political.

Until now.

Both Christa and Joe have done a fine job of blogging the circle, and i didn't feel like i had anything extra to contribute.

But the new installation is pretty powerful stuff, and is generating a lot of discussion on my neighborhood listserv, and is timely to boot, what with a number of citizens groups in Durham and Orange counties starting to join the growing nationwide movement to ban the continuous chaining of dogs in our area.

So, here's the latest installation for you to marvel at.

You can contact the County Board of Commissioners in Durham to ask them to pass legislation banning the continuous chaining of dogs. Their contact info is here.


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