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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I haven't been following the case of the young woman, Katherine Lester, dubbed the "MySpace Teen" by all of our media that closely. I don't really know if, for example, Nancy Grace or Joe Scarborough or any of the other screaming heads on the tabloid shows have been making a big deal about it, and i don't really care to find out.

But i do have two daughters of my own, and they'll turn 16 and 21 this summer. And i admit there is always a half second of wondering, when the phone rings, what kind of totally unanticipated trouble is awaiting when i answer it.

Fortunately, it's more often someone calling from DiscoverCard wanting to know why i haven't taken advantage of their latest 5.99% offer than it is the police or the US Customs department to tell me my daughter has been picked up in Tel Aviv on her way to meet someone she's met online and who she's planning to spend the rest of her life with.

I have no idea how i'd react if i did get that call. But i don't think it would be like this.

(Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark) Reene said that in court, Lester had a positive attitude and appeared to be receptive to the efforts to help her. Counselors will explain to her the impact of leaving the country and talk about the different culture she would face in the West Bank, Reene said.

"There are so many things she needs to fully understand," he said. "We want to take every available step to inform her, give her the opportunity to make the best decision."

And i'd sure appreciate it if someone like Mark Reene would let me know clearly what he was doing, instead of using all of that bullshit happy talk code for what is more than likely just plain old brainwashing.


  • Huh? How is trying to talk a dumb teen out of being an idiot "brainwashing"?

    By Blogger humf, at 8:50 AM  

  • First, i have a hard time describing a 17 year old who is able to navigate the international air travel system, including acquiring passport, visa, and, i assume, a reasonable amount of cash, as a "dumb teen."

    Second, most states allow 17 year olds to enter into marriage, so her desire to be married is no more or less idiotic than that of the thousands of other people her age who also get married.

    Third, any time an elected official decides that it's his job to make sure that one of my children is "fully informed", i think brainwashing is an accurate term to use.

    Why do you think it's OK for the state to be involved in this case?

    By Blogger Barry Ragin, at 9:22 AM  

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